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Introducing Earn Management: Your Axie Infinity Scholarship Automation Platform

Earn Management (EM), developed by Earn Management, is a community-first play-and-earn automation and management platform, starting with Axie Infinity (with more to come as new games continue to emerge).

EM will enable millions of Axie Infinity scholarship owners, managers and gamers to streamline their activities – track performance, manage assets, automate processes and more – with the ease of a few clicks, and all on one seamless, easy-to-use dashboard.

Our tools are 100% free for everyone to use. In the near future, we imagine some features will require minimal fees or may be unlocked by holding our future $ECT token.

Why Earn Management?

At Earn Management, we believe the word earn to mean different things: there is money to be made, but also infrastructure and tools to be built, connections to be developed, and more importantly, fun to be had. All of the above are various and greater rewards we can earn when allied together – hence Earn Management.

Earn Management is our first contribution to the play-and-earn community.

Having identified and experienced the challenges of scaling a scholarship ourselves, we created this platform to be a one-stop-shop for all the tools you need to not only run – but easily scale – your Axie Infinity scholarship.

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Welcome to Our Community!

Come join us, ask questions and feel free to get involved. We're building this for everyone.